poniedziałek, 28 czerwca 2010

monstrare, galerie collectiva, berlin


Lidia Krawczyk & Wojtek Kubiak

3. July – 7. August 2010
Opening: Friday, 2. Juli 2010, 19 – 22 h

Brunnenstraße 152 (rear building left)
10115 Berlin
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 12 – 18, Saturday 12 – 16
and by appt.

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition "monstrare" by polish artists Lidia Krawczyk & Wojtek Kubiak on Friday, July 2nd, 19 – 22 h. The artists will be present.
"monstrare" is the first solo show of the artists in Berlin. The exhibition is devoted to the mainly unseen and the newest works of Lidia Krawczyk & Wojtek Kubiak. Their extraordinary series of disordered portraits displays human creatures, whose common and well-known human characters have been extremely deformed and exaggerated. Best friends and family relatives become monsters, who seem to be totally different but still have something in common...

sobota, 12 czerwca 2010

Ars Homo Erotica


Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie
kurator: Paweł Leszkowicz
11 czerwca-5 września 2010

ars homo erotica 

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